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MSW, LCSW Jeffrey Williams

Provides online counseling through BetterHelp

Mental health conditions are real, common and treatable.

And recovery is possible.

Jeffrey Williams is an experienced, licensed Mental Health Professional who specializes in affordable online therapy offered through our partner, BetterHelp.

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Licensing: MSW, LCSW Years in Practice: 10 State: Virginia

Therapy should be interactive and dynamic and this is generated from focusing on a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approach with a strong grounding in Strengths Perspective. A variety of issues to include Depression and Anxiety, trauma, relationship issues, men's issues, and personality disorders are areas in which I have particular experience in treating. The relationship between therapist and client should be one of trust and competence and it should promote open communication and honesty for change to occur.

My clinical experiences began in acute psychiatric treatment facilities and have taken me through a variety of environments and populations to include adolescents as well as adults. I feel the therapeutic relationship can produce change through hard work and guidance as well as creativity and persistence. The therapeutic relationship is one of the most important foundations for change.

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For optimal experience please be sure to have either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox installed as your browser or have the BetterHelp app on your mobile device.

Please be sure to log into BetterHelp at the time of your appointment and remain on the therapy page - your therapist will initiate the live session.

If your live session hasn't started even when you are logged in and are on the therapy page, message your therapist to let them know you are ready.

Live sessions are usually 30 to 50 mins (please check with your therapist). Please be punctual so you can get the most out of your time with your therapist.

If you need to cancel or reschedule your session, please do so up to 24 hours prior to your session start time. This will free up your therapist to help other members.

About online counseling

Online counseling allows you to receive care from an online mental health practitioner via phone, video chat, or instant messaging. It is convenient for those who may have trouble getting to or would prefer not to have in-person therapy appointments. Ranging from $60 to $90 per week, online counseling is generally more affordable than in-person counseling. A study by researchers at University of California, Berkeley found that online counseling can be just as effective as face-to-face therapy while being more convenient, affordable, and accessible.

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Stress Anxiety Anger management Self esteem Bipolar disorder Depression Addictions LGBT Relationship issues Family conflicts Trauma and abuse Grief Intimacy-related issues Eating disorders Sleeping disorders Parenting issues Career difficulties Coping with life changes Coaching Compassion fatigue ADHD
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Reviews for Jeffrey Williams

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Gives good advice

Nov 06, 2023


Awesome therapist! Really easy to get in touch with and easy to talk to, really happy with my decision to make him my therapist!

Oct 11, 2023


Sometimes I’m not sure how much I am actually benefiting/learning/growing.

Oct 03, 2023


So far Jeffrey has been a really good therapist and I feel confident that he can give me the help that I need

Aug 18, 2023


Flexible, dependable, personable, and quite helpful.

Jun 01, 2023


Jeff is amazing. Excellent to work with.

Mar 31, 2023


Jeffrey Williams is sympathetic listener with constructive comments and depth of experience from which he draws from in his practice.

Feb 08, 2023


Good job

Feb 03, 2023


Really kind, attentive and funny

Jan 31, 2023


Couldn't connect with the guy. Constantly wants to change schedules, and claims to have connection issues. Paid for a month and didn't even get 1 session. What a scam...

Jan 09, 2023


He is an excellent listener and quite available. His responses are timely. His use of questions cause me to consider things deeply without getting lost in the topic. He doesn’t pretend to have all the answers. Rather, he accompanies me as I explore. This is just what I needed during my sabbatical.

Jan 06, 2023


Very good guy, he is very good at helping men work through relationship struggles. He helped me see some new perspectives that helped move me past some personal pain. I am still working through it but am much farther along then I was when I started therapy.

Jan 01, 2023


Jeff is great! Understanding and thoughtful with his questions

Dec 19, 2022


Fourth therapist I've had first one I really connect with. He's had a niche career and so have I so we clicked. Would recommend for anyone military

Dec 19, 2022


Jeffrey is so understanding. He is really a good listener and is extremely supportive during tough times. Empathetic and non judgemental. He listens and remembers well and is good about checking in.

Dec 10, 2022


He is a great therapist and is really understanding, he has helped me through a lot so far and I would enjoy to still work with him

Nov 26, 2022


Jeff’s a great guy I wasn’t really for therapy but he’s an easy to talk to guy, easy going, and helpful. He makes it feel more like a comfortable conversation than some weird awkward interaction with a doctor or whoever. Jeff’s the man!

Nov 01, 2022


Have had 2 sessions with Jeffrey so far, and the experience has felt very helpful to me. Jeffrey treats my situation with much more seriousness than other therapists I’ve reached out to in the past. As someone who is looking for real solutions to my problems, this is something I appreciate a lot. Looking forward to continuing my journey with Jeffrey’s guidance.

Nov 01, 2022


He's very attentive and amazing

Sep 28, 2022


After one session, Jeffrey Williams seems to be a compatible therapists. I am very much interested in our continued sessions.

Aug 29, 2022


Jeffrey Williams has a certain way of letting the natural progression come out. I recommend him highly.

R.O.·Aug 20, 2022


Jeffrey is great and is very understanding and has solid reliable strategies for me to enact in my current situation.

D.R.·Aug 01, 2022


Very kind and responsive

E.V.·Jul 27, 2022


Very comforting and knowledgeable helped me through multiple struggles and challenges also just great funny and caring person.

J.A.·Jul 01, 2022


From one counselor to another, he's rock solid. He's a good guy, he knows what he's doing, and he's a great example of unconditional positive regard.

M.A.·Jun 28, 2022


Working with Jeffrey Wiliams has saved my marriage. He has greatly helped me identify my CPTSD triggers, helped me process through the aftermath of being in a narcissistic first marriage. He has helped me communicate better with my new husband and not let the past dictate my wonderful future. He always offers great insight and helps me reveal things I would never have thought of before without his help. Thanks Jeffrey I appreciate you.!

A.N.·Mar 19, 2022


So thankful for Jeffrey Williams and his help with turning my mental health around

C.H.·Mar 18, 2022


Jeffrey is very attentive and compassionate. He is an excellent listener and really validates my feelings.

R.H.·Jan 09, 2022


From one counselor to another, Jeffrey has become a trusted confidant and an incredible source of wisdom and perspective on who I am and the ways I can change. I'm grateful for his willingness to help me.

M.A.·Oct 16, 2021


Jeff has been an excellent therapist. He understands exactly what my problems are and supports me as I go. He's been awesome to talk to and has really helped me in getting through a tough time in my life. I definitely would recommend him to anyone that is need of or looking for a good therapist!

A.L.·Oct 05, 2021


Sympathetic and supportive

K.R.·Sep 13, 2021


I always look forward to my sessions with Mr. Williams! He's helped so much already!

S.A.·Sep 03, 2021


I have already suggested this app to multiple people. I have spoken about Jeffrey and his ability to work through the mess of my brain. I appreciate him fully. His flexibility is also amazing!

G.A.·Aug 28, 2021


Jeff asks probing questions and allows clients to embarrass themselves open-endedly and within an hour give up on Betterhelp and therapy generally because he decides belatedly that he is unwilling to work with them or try to, despite the client recognizing a dozen of their issues in his list of expertise topics, and the reason provided for rejecting the client is their need (in his own firm opinion) for the specific CBT therapy listed at the top of his bio and then again at the top of his techniques.

C.H.·Aug 09, 2021


Jeff is always willing to lend an ear and is very good at digging to the root issue. The “homework” assignments he gives me are all really relevant to my life and have already begun to help me improve my mental health.

J.U.·Jul 28, 2021


Jeffrey has been a key factor in helping me figure out what the actual heck is going on with my mind. I cannot thank him enough.

G.A.·Jul 25, 2021


Helpful, friendly, and helps me figure things put on my own.

A.S.·Jul 15, 2021


Sympathetic and professional

K.R.·May 09, 2021


I’ve only had one visit and was a little skeptical of the texting session. He understood completely and didn’t push me about things I wasn’t ready to talk about. He recommended that we do video the next time for my comfort. He gave great advice and really seemed to be concerned for my mental health and getting me healthier. I am thankful for Dr. Williams and look forward to our next visit.

V.I.·Nov 11, 2020


I haven't had many session with Jeffrey Williams, but he has been wonderful for the few sessions we have had.

H.A.·Sep 12, 2020


Jeffrey has been super attentive and clearly understands my counseling needs. He’s very supportive and always ensures our session ends on a positive note.

A.N.·Aug 04, 2020


Affordable, convenient, and accessible, Jeffrey Williams offers counseling online

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