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LCSW Jeannette Abelson

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Jeannette Abelson is an experienced, licensed Medical Health Professional who specializes in affordable online therapy.

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Licensing: LCSW
Years in Practice: 25
State: VA

Welcome to Better Help! You've taken a huge step, and I'm sure you're wondering how this works and whether it's the right fit for you. I know I felt the same way when I first came to Better Help too.

My name is Jeannette Abelson, and I'm a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the state of Virginia. I earned my Master of Social Work degree, specializing in Interpersonal Practice, from the University of Michigan in 1998. I've worked in many different settings with individuals and families who have a variety of personal issues such as depression/anxiety, stress, family problems, trauma/abuse, addictions of all kinds, relationships/parenting and more. Over the past 20 years as a clinician, my experience has taught me that the most important aspect of counseling by far is the connection and comfort you feel with the person you choose to share your personal struggles. I believe we can all grow through challenging experiences by increasing our self-awareness. Sometimes another person, one who isn't in our immediate circle, can offer a perspective or additional support, that give us movement on a difficult situation when we feel stuck. It would be my privilege to be that person for you. We all want to be able to share our personal truths and be accepted and understood. I believe it's very important to be open-minded and non-judgmental when someone shares their personal story or experiences with me. Our relationship with our self and others has worth and is useful to explore in counseling.

You are welcome to message me anytime through Better Help. The frequency with which you can have access to a counselor to work through day to day emotions and problem solving is extremely beneficial for most and a nice change from traditional outpatient counseling. I usually check messages twice each day, seven days per week. I currently

offer messaging and ONLY live chat sessions at this time to new clients. Please note that what you see in my calendar may not reflect my only availability so you always want to check that out with me through messaging first.

I look forward to working with you!

About online counseling

Online counseling allows you to receive care from an online mental health practitioner via phone, video chat, or instant messaging. It is convenient for those who may have trouble getting to or would prefer not to have in-person therapy appointments. Ranging from $60 to $90 per week, online counseling is generally more affordable than in-person counseling. A study by researchers at University of California, Berkeley found that online counseling can be just as effective as face-to-face therapy while being more convenient, affordable, and accessible.

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Reviews for Jeannette Abelson

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80 Reviews
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She is very attentive and reaches out to me. I like that she sends chat messages because sometimes I don’t feel like a video chat.

Mar 19, 2023


I find her helpful and responsive and has helped me address my concerns.

Jan 18, 2023


So far...great!

Dec 08, 2022


She's so down to earth and is super precise at picking out what I'm trying to say from the word vomit I tend to throw at her. Super sweet without being indulgent. 11/10

Nov 04, 2022


So far she seems knowledgeable and supportive, which is really what I needed right now. Working through some issues related to polyamory and relationships and she is helping.

Sep 07, 2022


Jeannette was truly terrific! She helped me work and think through my problems in a way that made sense for me, but was really effective. After a few sessions, I felt like I was working through my problems with a very wide friend who only wanted me to be better and my relationships to be happy and healthy. Well, we succeeded in that relatively short order. I would recommend Jeannette to friends and family, that’s how truly great and gifted she is. Thank you Jeannette!

D.A.·Aug 17, 2022


Through patient kind

M.E.·Jul 13, 2022


Jeanette is awesome. She listened and recognized my needs and goals. She then, discretely, guided me to the tools that helped me get there.

S.C.·Apr 25, 2022


She’s a great listener and nonjudgmental!

K.A.·Apr 04, 2022


The best ever

M.E.·Mar 24, 2022


Jeanette Abelson is very personable, professional, and empathic. She always knows what her clients need, she is a very intuitive provider. Very happy

S.A.·Mar 24, 2022


She’s one of my favorite people because she’s so patient kind and caring I wish more people were like her especially in this field. I have grown so much and I continue to grow as long as I’m with her. She is amazing.

M.E.·Nov 24, 2021


Jeanette was very helpful and wonderful to work with. I’m really lucky to have her has a therapist

S.T.·Nov 03, 2021


Jeanette has been the best help ever. She was open to just listening and provided some of the best advice I have ever gotten.

T.O.·Oct 15, 2021


Jeannette Abelson is still great! Thanx

M.O.·Oct 14, 2021


I love Jeannette shes saving my freaking life

G.I.·Oct 08, 2021


Jeannette rocks! Her support through my ups and downs, slips and successes, has been invaluable in my pursuit of a happier, healthier me

J.U.·Oct 07, 2021


She is an astounding counselor! Ive learned so much and grown so much! Shes very pleasant to deal with and i am highly care for as a patient. She is aces!!

M.E.·Jul 27, 2021


I love working with Mrs. Abelson! she understands my view point and I'm confident to tell everything I need to.

W.E.·Jul 08, 2021


Jeannette is Amazeballs

M.O.·Apr 10, 2021


She absolutely loves her job it’s not a job for her I guess you could say it’s her calling in life it’s what she feels passionate about she’s genuine kind wise and caring I’ve made more progress with her then in all my years of counseling anybody would be absolutely lucky to have such a a wonderful person in their toolbox for mental health she is five stars kind of wonderful I recommend her highly hands-down best counselor out there very grateful to have found her

M.E.·Mar 29, 2021


Jeannette is easily the best therapist I've ever worked with. She is compassionate, understanding, and fun to talk with.

I.A.·Mar 22, 2021


I needed someone to talk to who would give back unbiased and non-judgmental professional advice. I have found that with Jeannette.

P.A.·Feb 04, 2021


She's the only one who believes in my, she is my best friend!

T.E.·Dec 14, 2020


I feel Mrs. Abelson is wonderful and listens to my needs. I don't have to worry about being judged or being silly, she understands what I'm feeling and offers wonderful advice. I would recommend her to others because of her professionalism and her kindness.

W.E.·Nov 20, 2020


Jeanette has been absolutely wonderful to work with. I always feel heard and understood. She’s been a life saver.

A.P.·Oct 06, 2020


So kind and helpful! She listens to my dilemmas and offers both a supportive ear as well as a "rationality check" when i need help dealing with problems.

A.N.·Aug 23, 2020


She’s been very helpful.

B.R.·Jul 28, 2020


Great listener very responsive also her advice on communication has greatly benefited my life.

Z.A.·Jun 08, 2020


Jeanette Abelson is an intuitive and kind person, her skills to understand and handle the emotions of other people should be handled with the utmost respect. She isn't easy on me, but she does want to help and makes that obvious.

H.U.·May 11, 2020


Jeannette is very open and understanding and a great way to ease into a first counseling/therapy experience. I was a little nervous at first, talking to someone about my personal issues, but now I have zero reservations or fears. Jeannette has wonderful insight into familial dynamics and relationships. She has already helped my a lot and it has only been a month!

O.L.·May 05, 2020


This is a great thing!

R.O.·Apr 24, 2020


Ms. Ableson is a very caring counselor, she never judges me for my faults, and only offers advice/insight that helps me better myself

R.O.·Feb 05, 2020


Jeannette does an incredible job she’s patient she’s thorough and she’s really helped me to be able to get a grasp on the things that are challenging me. She truly is dedicated to her work and I’m really lucky to have her on my team

M.E.·Feb 02, 2020


Jeanette is amazing! Very supportive and knowledgeable.

J.E.·Jan 02, 2020


I wrote a review about Jeanette earlier on when we first started meeting, but I think it is worth updating/reiterating that she remains a fabulous therapist. She's funny, supportive and really helpful. She's relatable and never makes me feel like a "case." One of my biggest fears is having a therapist who responds in extreme ways to my traumas or experiences, and Jeanette always responds with empathy without tokenizing me. She's qualified and talented and anyone who wants someone who truly feels human would love her!

A.R.·Jan 01, 2020


I absolutely could not make it if I didn't have Jeannette in my life. She is the only one who knows my secrets and she is able to help me look at things in a different way. She has patience with me and I'm not an easy person to deal with concerning what I do for a living. She's just a wonderful and warm person.

T.E.·Dec 09, 2019


I really enjoyed working with Jeannette! She was compassionate, empathetic, and always responded promptly. I would highly recommend Jeannette as a counselor for anyone!

R.Y.·Oct 16, 2019


I love my counselor I wouldn’t know what to do without her sometimes not that she hasn’t skilled me and how to get through things but I think of her like my best friend so when I can confine in Life is a lot better facing things together with somebody

M.E.·Oct 05, 2019


Jeannette is caring, compassionate and available. Having had a successful prior counseling experience with Jeanette through Better Help, reaching out to her at a difficult time was easy and safe. Thank you.

I.N.·Sep 08, 2019


Jeannette is very accommodating and easy to work with. She is good at honing in and interpreting your thought process and then providing sound, positive insight. I definitely recommend working with her.

S.A.·Aug 29, 2019


She's really good. I'd recommend her to anyone on this site.

J.U.·Jun 25, 2019


Jeanette has been a great support through the up’s and down’s. I would recommend her highly! I’ve returned to BetterHelp multiple times because of her expertise and compassion.

K.E.·Jun 22, 2019


Jeannette is a very patient person and believe me I am challenge to say the very least. She has been wonderful to me and answers right away which I talk to her all the time through this chat service and had one phone session. She makes me think and gives me new ideas to try to help me and is an asset to your company . I do not know what I would do without her in my life!

T.E.·Jun 09, 2019


Jeannette Abelson is the absolute best therapist I have EVER worked with. She made a positive difference in my life the very day I started communicating with her. This is the first time that I have worked with someone who actually "gets it".

L.I.·Jun 02, 2019


Jeannette understands me and is very compassionate. She is an attentive listener and recommends different perspectives around my thoughts patterns. She personally understands what I am going through and brings me a lot of comfort and reassurance. I am grateful to have her in my life.

C.E.·Apr 03, 2019


I am very pleased that I was matched with Jeannette. She communicated her thoughts very clearly and was able to help me sort through and make sense of mine. She responded very promptly as well. I hope to request her if and when I need further counseling.

S.H.·Mar 20, 2019


I have only been working with Ms. Abelson for a short period of time; however, she has played a significant role in the quality of my life during a very difficult time. She provides me with a safe place to voice my thoughts and feelings and provides amazing perspective and feedback. I highly value her as a counselor and I am proud to say that she is a member of my support team.

A.S.·Jan 22, 2019


Jeanette is a really wonderful person and therapist. She provides profound insight into all kinds of situations and her guidance always helps me handle life, events, and people better. She seems incredibly intuitive and is really kind, gentle, and supportive. I always felt calmer just talking to her because I didn’t feel she would judge me and make me feel terrible for feeling how I do as I felt everyone else around me made me feel that way already. Her responses are truly insightful and reassuring. It is a really nice feeling when someone understands you without having to explain every detail. I’m really grateful to have had her as a therapist and I know I would have been in a worse place had I not had her guidance. I suppose it was my luck to have had been assigned her but I would definitely recommend to everyone on BetterHelp if you’re not feeling progress in your mental health and still struggle daily, please take counseling with Jeanette. You will feel the difference and improvements in your life and be reminded that things will be okay and tomorrow can always be better.

F.A.·Jan 20, 2019


Jeanette has helped guide me through one of my roughest paths in life. She helped provide a lot of clarity in a big ball of events and emotions; I am forever grateful. I feel like I'm getting on a better and better life path everyday - Jeanette has been instrumental in getting me on this path through kind, insightful words and validations.

J.A.·Nov 14, 2018


Jeannette has been the person I was needing for a long time. I had a long laundry list to unload, and she was able to target the more crucial needs to help me work on first. I have been able to send lengthy messages in moments of distress, and receive validation, and action plans on how to move forward and "deal". I know therapy is a process and I have much to work on, but I trust that Jeannette will help me get there at the pace that is right for me. Thank you Jeannette!

M.O.·Nov 12, 2018


Jeannette continues to be a tremendous help and support to me and my daughter, we do both individual counseling with her. I recommended her to help my daughter and she has been a Godsend at a difficult time for her. I would recommend Jeannette strongly as a counselor.

G.O.·Oct 07, 2018


Jeannette Abelson is an exceptional counselor. She's highly responsive, fully engages with my concerns, and very pleasant to talk to. She was my second match and I was so glad that I made this switch!

F.R.·Jul 25, 2018


Jeanette offers great insights and has really helped me in taking actionable steps towards feeling better.

K.I.·Jul 19, 2018


My counselor is very polite and understanding. Makes counseling very comfortable for me.

J.E.·Jun 24, 2018


I like how interactive Jeannette is. She challenges my perspective and I appreciate her honesty.

T.R.·May 15, 2018


Jeanette is wonderful. She listens, gives input, and serves as a nice dose of reality when discussing my issues.

D.C.·May 09, 2018


Jeannette is always open-minded and provides a lot of different ideas and solutions. She has recommended many resources that have been valuable to me, and she is happy to check in when I don't message for a while. It's obvious she cares a lot about her clients!

K.R.·Mar 18, 2018


Jeannette is very understanding, responds promptly, and is wonderful to work with. I have been feeling a lot better since beginning to work with her.

A.M.·Mar 14, 2018


I came to Jeannette with a myriad of issues and just plopped them all out for her to see. She immediately started me on a treatment plan of worksheets and evaluations and has been a great sounding board when I am feeling anxious or overwhelmed by something. She is responsive and helpful in helping me get my mental health back on track. I avoided counseling for so long because I have had poor experiences in the past and figured it would just turn out the same - but I was totally wrong. Working with Jeannette has been so great, I even got my fiance to sign up for BetterHelp!

A.D.·Feb 13, 2018


Jeannette was very helpful in getting my wife and I to communicate better. She was easy to reach, had great tools and advice. Definitely recommend working with her!

J.O.·Jan 25, 2018


Very helpful!

J.I.·Jan 24, 2018


She is great- I feel a lot better since I've been speaking with her I'm grateful for her and this experience!

A.A.·Dec 26, 2017


Jeannette is a great counselor and much better than my previous counselor. She was attentive, kind and provided valuable feedback. Will definitely contact her again if I have another issue.

A.L.·Dec 17, 2017


She is respectful, honest and also compassionate.

E.U.·Nov 25, 2017


Jeannette is a nonjudgmental counselor who is skilled in the art of listening. She listens to everything, even the weird stuff.

M.I.·Sep 17, 2017


Jeanette is amazing. She helped me out of the darkest period of my life. She is unbelievable.

A.N.·Sep 01, 2017


She is a fantastic counselor.

C.H.·Aug 29, 2017


She is best therapist that I have ever had in my life!

R.Y.·Jul 27, 2017


Jeannette was very helpful! She gave great advice and helped me calm down when needed.

A.L.·Jul 22, 2017


Jeannette is great!

L.E.·Jun 23, 2017


Jeannette is an extremely competent therapist. I have a lot of issues in my life - family, addiction, depression, anxiety, self-hate, and she's been able to guide me through it all gracefully and in an understanding way. Highly recommended.

D.A.·Jun 22, 2017


She was really responsive and good insights with good concrete strategies. I would absolutely recommend!!

F.R.·Jun 20, 2017


Jeannette has been very helpful as I navigate a divorce and deal with some old shameful thoughts. Highly recommend.

T.O.·Jun 09, 2017


Excellent and always available!

J.U.·Jun 06, 2017


Jeannette really knows how to listen and empathize.

M.U.·May 24, 2017


Jeanette has been very helpful in supporting me work through various challenges I'm facing. She has been very patient and encouraging and I would definitely recommend her!

K.E.·May 09, 2017


She is very calming, responds quickly with reasoned, thoughtful responses.

L.E.·Apr 26, 2017


Jeannette is really good at helping me frame my thoughts when I struggle to make sense of them. I really appreciated the suggestions she made when I felt that I couldn't turn to those in my personal life for support, as well as the thought exercises and questions she gave me to help me sort through a really difficult situation!

K.A.·Apr 17, 2017


She's really great! I feel as if she really cares and wants to know what is going on in life. She is always there and responds in a timely manner!

S.E.·Apr 05, 2017


Jeannette Abelson offers counseling online via BetterHelp

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  • Convenient: Do it at your own time and at your own pace. Communicate whenever you feel it's needed.
  • Available now: There is no waiting list and no calls to make. Simply fill out a short questionnaire, get matched to a therapist within 24-48 hours, and send your first message.