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Gender Dysphoria Signs

Signs of gender dysphoria, or as others call it, gender identity disorder, can differ significantly between patients. People have different experiences and feelings towards gender identity, the gender dysphoria test identifies what individuals experience and how they feel about their gender identity. 

That said, the main sign of gender dysphoria is a clear difference between one’s identity and sex characteristics. This difference typically becomes noticeable in young adolescents as they begin to develop and recognize their sexuality. However, gender dysphoria can become apparent earlier or later in life. It can also come and go throughout your life. This gender dysphoria test will identify signs for any stage of development of uncertainty in one's gender identity. A gender dysphoria test can help.

Signs of gender dysphoria that one may recognize in themselves include:

  • Strongly wanting to get rid of sex characteristics that you don’t identify with
  • Strongly wanting sex characteristics of another identity than the one assigned to you
  • Strongly wanting to be a gender other than one’s biological sex
  • Strongly wanting to be seen as a gender other than the one assigned at birth
  • In young teens, strongly wanting to stop the development of sex characteristics
  • A strong feeling that one feels and acts like a gender other than the one assigned at birth

Signs of gender dysphoria that one may recognize in what others do include:

  • Low self-confidence or low body image
  • Signs of depression and/or anxiety
  • Recklessness or testing dangerous behavior
  • Failing to take care of themselves
  • Distress in social, professional, and family settings

Gender Dysphoria Treatment

With treatment, people who have gender dysphoria can achieve relief from distress. By establishing a role with which they feel comfortable, those in treatment for gender dysphoria can lead happier, healthier lives. The hope of this gender dysphoria test is to empower those with any gender identity disorder to reach out and create strength and comfort in their own identity. 

There is no one method of treatment for gender dysphoria, just as this gender dysphoria test is not an absolute answer to what one may be feeling. What works for one person may not work for another. Personalized treatment plans are essential for gender dysphoria, and a gender dysphoria test and a medical professional can help you determine the right course of action by testing a variety of solutions. 

Common treatment methods for gender dysphoria or gender identity disorder include testing hormone therapy, surgery, and behavioral therapy. 

Hormone Therapy and Surgery

Hormone therapy and surgery can help people achieve a new gender role that aligns with their identity. These treatment methods are generally used for feminization or masculinization. People may also find these methods helpful for reducing sex characteristics that they’re uncomfortable with, like facial hair. 

The availability of hormone therapy and/or surgery for gender dysphoria is subject to certain criteria and tests. Age, pre-existing medical conditions, and documentation of gender dysphoria can impact your ability to receive these treatments. 

Behavioral Therapy

Behavioral therapy can be helpful in improving the mental wellbeing and quality of life for people with gender dysphoria. Rather than focusing on changing one’s gender role, behavioral therapy is centered on reducing the distress and other mental concerns associated with your gender identity. 

Through behavioral therapy, people with gender dysphoria can better understand their identity and achieve self-acceptance. Therapy can also help patients develop a network of support as they transition to a new role and gender identity that makes them feel most comfortable.

Online Therapy For Gender Dysphoria

For more information on getting online counseling help today, check out BetterHelp on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube. 

Gender Dysphoria may be experienced by anyone, thus, this online gender dysphoria test is for anyone. If you or a loved one feel stress because of a disconnect between your gender identity and the sex assigned to you at birth, you may be experiencing gender dysphoria. Gender dysphoria may take the shape of anxiety, stress, or other emotions. Take this gender dysphoria test today to find out more information with a self-examination. Above all, remember that dysphoria can look different for different people, and that does not diminish the validity of your experience.

Gender Dysphoria: Read More About Gender Dysphoria And The Gender Dysphoria Quiz

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Thank you for enlighten my thoughts and calm down some stress I was feeling for some time. I don't know what ahead of me, but this test clearly help me to figure it out.

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It was a good thing to take, but I think I want to be both genders

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This was so helpful, thank you.

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It made me think how good it would have been to do this when I was young. I often felt like I was more of a girl back then.

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It is a small step but a important one!

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This test lets me admit to myself things I never could

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Thank you for the test. I have been GID for 10 years now and this is my first time seeing a quiz to help people understand that there is help.

IW·Louisville, United States·January 2024


Questions such as, "have I presented as the opposite gender" seem limited. I haven't because of fear, but I do WANT to present as the opposite gender. I always wear under clothes of the opposite gender because no one can see it. The test needs to be more open to an older demographic.

TA·South Portland, United States·December 2023


Thank for this test it means a lot to me 🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍⚧️

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I think this test helped me to understand more about me feeling like the opposite gender

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It's a really helpful quiz/test I've been on other tests so thank you for making this ❤️🌈

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Very interesting insight it somewhat confirms how I felt all of my life but I still feel stranded and I am always alone in this feeling…

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Amazing. Just really great.

OM·Sydney, Australia·July 2020


These test are helping me find out what I may have